The Woman's Club of Danbury/New Fairfield


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Shutterfly 2018

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Spring Luncheon 2022

Bob Vetter honoring our club with award from Rotary Janet receiving Clubwoman of the Year Award  Rainey receiving  Sharing, Caring, Giving Award Bev receiving  Jane Cunningham Crowley Award
Georgeann being  installed as President 2022-2023 WCDNF Executive Committee 2022-2023  Rainey receiving Zoom pajamas from Nancy and Janet  



2020     Pay it Forward

Amber Room/United Way



  GFWC-NY Hudson Valley District meeting meets WCDNF members  at Shadows on the Hudson in Poughkeepsie, N Y. 10/2019  



District Day 2018
  Past President's Luncheon
May 2018


  Mah Jong Poinsettia Distribution Day Is this art?  
  Domestic Violence - Safe Walk Arts & Crafts Winners SOB's planning meeting  

District Day 

Spring Luncheon 

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Past State   Presidents

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Freshman Project

Knitting   Student

Hooray for the Arts

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2017 Officers

Arts & Crafts 

Women Center Breakfast


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Hollister House, G. W. Tavern and White Flower Farm

Education Meeting

New York City Trip 

Dinner at Kibera


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Lunch Bunch at Mazzo Mozzarella and Wine Bar Brotherhood Winery

Trip to       Thimble Islands


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Freshmen Project for Women's Shelter


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September Golf


SafeWalk at the Danbury Fair Mall on Sunday October 5th. Weir Farm Danbury Book Sale Volunteers
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a day at Dia Beacon Trash Museum Hartford  President's Luncheon 2014-2015 officers
2014 District Day - Went with the wind Video Skit - click here

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President Nancy winning awards at GFWC/CT May Convention Donations to ABRI West Point Tour




Click here for photos of the 2013 Arts & Crafts Winners 

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Lunch Bunch at Della Francesca in February 2013

Arts and Crafts winners at February General Meeting

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First Friday 

Trip to Locust Grove and Culinary Institute America 

WCDNF President Nancy accepting awards from GFWC/CT President Nancy  at GFWC/CT Convention 


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A Hudson River Tour President's luncheon 

Those Sweet ol' Broads create a

 magnificent afghan

Great visit to New Canaan's 

Glass House

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Latin Dance participants

After a day on the Highline

Trip to New Britain Museum Rose with her son's photograph 

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District Day 2012

Nike won "Best in Show"

Members of the Dragon Boat Race  on Candlewood Lake  8/18/12

Delivering GFWC/CT Clubs donations to ABRI on Make a Diff Day 

Click here to see photos of our 2012 Poinsettia Distribution Day 

Singing at First Friday  12/5/12 

- 2011

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     2011 Spring Luncheon at the Amber Room - GFWC/CT President  JoAnn Calnen inducting 2011-2012 Board Members    NY Botanical Gardens on July 9th, 2011 to view the special reproduction of the Alhambra Palace Gardens in Spain

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Trip to Cabbage Hill Farm - May 20, 2011 Tour of the Hat Exhibit at the Danbury Museum, 200 years of women's hats on June 14, 2011.

click here for photos of: 

District Day 2011

How does she do that?

President's Luncheon 

Poinsettia Distribution Day

Danbury High School Culinary Arts Luncheon - April 5, 2011

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20110222DWCFreshmen.jpg (61071 bytes)

Our President at the January 22nd GFWC/CT Meeting 

Freshmen who worked on  Chem Pal cards

Novice Golfers annual outing 

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GFWC/CT Fall Conference

trip to the Silo & DeGrazia winery

Food Drive for  Daily Bread 

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golf2010.jpg (69595 bytes)

Richter Hike 


Social Bowlers 


Celebration of Community Giving

Golf Group 

Click here for photos of our May Spring Luncheon 

GFWC/CT District 1 

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Sheila - District 1 Director Harmonettes Norma wins  "Best  in Show"

 April 8,  

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District 1 Presidents

Grace and ROTC

Harriet our next District 1 Director

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General Meeting - Arts & Crafts Competition - Karen, Diana ("Best of Show") and two judges



Lore McCarthy, a WCDNF club member since 1996, spoke about her new book “In Search of a New Horizon: A Young Girl’s Journey from Nazi Germany to America”



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February 9,  

Trip to the Aldrich Museum in Ridgefield 


Fall 2009 


Police Station Tour


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American Mural Project


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IMG_0004stonebarn.JPG (87144 bytes)

SOB's at Newtown Library 


trip to the Stone Barn 



 Veterans' Oasis Day Room on the Midtown Campus


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Summer  2009

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  golf_090924.JPG (138553 bytes)

ss_0910.JPG (41522 bytes)

Our Freshman at one of their "Freshman Projects"  -  Day of Caring 

Hikers at Mine Hill

 WCDNF golfers at StonyBrook 

  Simply Smiles - Bryan Nurnberger, Terry and Claire

WCDNF Spring Luncheon 2009


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  SL_09_IMG_0050.JPG (60283 bytes)

SL_09_IMG_0049.JPG (180270 bytes)

Our club members receiving their 25 year pins 

The Governor of CT -  M. Jodi Rell

Mayor Boughton, Grace Matyskiela - GFWC/CT Pres, WCDNF Pres, 1st Selectman John Hodge from NF 

Our club member Elaine Toaso with her singing group The JEMS

GFWC/CT May Convention  May 15, 16, 2009

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2009_Sat_May_conv_1020965.JPG (92178 bytes)

Club Members with Ellen Griesedieck - American Mural Project 


Barbara with our Vet's Oasis stand 

Celebration of Community Giving - April 28, 2009 


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SL_2009_IMG_0006.JPG (130934 bytes)

Harmonettes perform 

Dr Hines (Hannahoe Clinic), Joan, Director of the Danbury Library - Mark Hasskarl, Georgeann 


District Day - Step Up - April 8, 2009 

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147_4731.JPG (173149 bytes)

39 members attend District Day  Winning Award for Veteran's Oasis  Sheila - District 1 Director  Our Booth at District Day 


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09artcontestwinners.jpg (183079 bytes)

09bryannurnberger.JPG (91601 bytes)

JohnTurk.JPG (90309 bytes)

January - meeting of our 2009 Freshman 

February - Arts & Crafts Fair - Winners and Judges

March     International Day -  Simply Smiles - Bryan Nurnberger, Terry and Claire

April - The Discover Club -  The Raven’s Gift: Spiritual Healing in Siberia - John Turk, Kathie and Suzanne



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08_411th.gif (69493 bytes)

p20082.jpg (130034 bytes)

Novice Golfers Luncheon 

Tarrywile Light Pole Dedication 

Paula accepting flag from 411th Battalion

Poinsettias 2008 



08_golfouting.jpg (160397 bytes)

Mayor Boughton at our 25th Anniversary Tree Dedication at Danbury Town Park 

Nancy, Membership Chair, at the New Member Tea

Livingston Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy

Quaker Hill Country Club

25th Anniversary Spring Luncheon 2008

District Day  2008

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080401b.JPG (212400 bytes)

080401a.JPG (390015 bytes)

WCDNF Past Presidents 

Spring Luncheon Committee Meeting

Our President accepting GFWC/CT Awards

22 members attending District Day 



Intrepid souls on the Richter Hike 

Shattering Glass exhibit at Katonah Museum of Art

Arts and Crafts Winners 2008 




   25th Anniversary Party at Tarrywile Mansion

"Down the Hatch" luncheon 

Spring Luncheon 2007

Induction of Officers

Debby awards Eileen "Clubwoman of the Year"

Karen awards Donna "Sharing, Caring Giving Award"

Trip to Dia Beacon

Celebration of Giving 2007

Recipients of Philanthropic Grants

Mayor Boughton drops by our "Celebration of Giving" event

A trip to Katonah Museum

Women from the Sunday potluck Bridge Group

District Day 2007

Here's to the ladies who lunch !


Harmonettes Perform 

Arts and Crafts winners at District Day

1st place winners - Arts and Crafts Day

Wednesday Afternoon Bridge Players

Lunch Bunch - Putnam House



Woman's Club of Danbury/New Fairfield - member GFWC